Skyscanner to find cheap international flights

Hello I will show you how to use the Skyscanner to find cheap international .[ITM image=”https://lotosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/vidMayo.jpg” video=”35630925″]

To do this, they must be flexible with the dates of travel, as well as with their destination and, if possible, even their starting location at this time I am on the home page of the skyscanner the coins and US dollars and I will search a round trip flight unless you say I want to apply another New York as an example I'm going to select New York City as a whole and not one of the specific airports that way you'll find the cheapest flight out of the New York City and for the destination and your first flexible search option is my favorite option, but I will show you that in a few minutes let's say that for the moment I want to fly to Europe in the summer, that's me, so I only write in Spain and it will give you the options of Spain or the cities in Spain, but I will not select a specific city that I want to select I wonder In general, or in the whole country, we will find the cheapest flight flying to the and for the departure date do not select a specific date, so it is like a whole month and in this case in this case I will select in Spain and Maine and I will return in June and the cabin class is the only option with this flexible economy based on search options; anyway we do not want a business or our first class we are trying to save , whites and the Skyscanner took the results to the main cities of Spain and obviously it is the cheapest, so 327 is the cheapest price It flies to Madrid, so do not lose sight of that price because the are not always in real time.

Skyscanner are sometimes a bit old or save information, so it is not always real time or dynamic, but anyway what happens is on the left side of May, it is pre-populated with most of the departure dates and the prices and I will find the cheapest price here seems 164.

I am a 16 for the photos on May 23, as soon as I click on one of the dates or the prices and the main or output section, the section of the right of the return dates can be updated with corresponding prices so I will select on May 16 and as you can see the prices were updated on the right side and the cheapest return date is a cheaper return date or the price is 163 May 1 and June 3, so let's say I want to stay as much as I can, so I'll select June 3 and the price will go up to 327, but let's see if we can continue like this 327, so I'll show the flights and the pre What I want to say, even if it's a few dollars approximately 327 is still a good price for a round trip, so now Skyscanner is reviewing all the airlines and some of the websites of the corresponding travel agencies that they are also running in the background, so remember that we saw it in loop 327 at this time we see that 332 KLM poorer and Eric France are not a fixed place, which is pretty good and I'll just wait until the search is completed, it only takes a few seconds longer and yes, so 332 was the cheapest price five dollars more than 327 and now what I'm going to do is choose the flight through one of the travel booking agencies and the cheapest ones are our Orbitz Priceline so let's look at the details of the flights that go from JFK to Madrid May 16.

I return from Madrid to JFK airport in New York City fooling people so I'm going to go with a Priceline price here. 332 and yes, that's how it happened or the price and then you're just going to follow these steps.

To confirm or book everything, so I'll close this and go back and explain it for myself, but I want to show you another example of finding cheap flights when you're more flexible and you're in.

In this case, I'll show you a one-way flight, Let's go to jus I say I'm in Germany and I can fly from anywhere in Germany because I have friends in Germany or I can take the bus to several places in Germany or I'm just traveling with a backpack outside Germany, so I'll only select Germany here.

And for the destination I will select everywhere and for the departure date I will select a full month and then also as a cheaper month what it will do is look for the following prices or the cheapest ones for the next month, which is surprising, it is one of the best ways to find cheap prices when you are flexible, so Germany applies the cheapest place to like Romania Italy Poland Serbia and so on and a few dollars and a few dollars and yes prices or flight prices in Europe and it tends to be quite cheap with low cost airlines, so I'll go like Romania here four dollars and will fly to little salata.

I'm sorry if I pronounced it wrong for four dollars and we'll see if we can get up to four dollars, it's a non-stop flig You can fly and you'll have to plan a dusseldorf or fly Berlin for six dollars, so I'll just click on düsseldorf and how I know if I am pronouncing that right, but it is only for sake examples and it flies on the first of February at four dollars, probably four dollars every twenty seconds at four dollars.

I am going to simply select every twenty-two seconds here and how do I get it and once again we have to check that it stays at the price of four dollars simply because it is not always delivered in skies in real time and it seems that Ryanair is the budget airline that is flying, keep in mind that when a price like this is too good to be true, like With a Ryan Pearl, which is very well known in Europe, the price does not include luggage as checked baggage, so it is necessary to check the baggage of and what is excluded, but it seems that found a decent price two three I mean up to four dollars from Germany to Romania and we will double check, then it is three years the price of düsseldorf partner to the team is Sawada, so there you have it, this is how I use funny price types and once again, and the most important thing is to be flexible with your travel dates and place, and what many people do or do most of the time is try to search per month or a whole year almost anywhere while traveling.

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