The most important thing to buy your ticket is to buy it in advance if the dates and destinations you already know are events that go on vacation and it is something special to buy in advance, at least if it is international and six months in advance.

More is perfect, so it's national, like three months, the longer before you can get out much cheaper for any purchase, it's very important that you discover there are airports nearby that you want to reach and have flexible dates, for example, If you need to get to another destination on a Monday, consider that you can travel on a Sunday, the night of a Monday morning, since that can save you a lot of . If you travel at night, it is cheaper than if you travel by day.

Traveling on a Wednesday can be cheaper than in the casinos on Friday or on a weekend, so consider having flexible dates and times when there are applications that provide you with the remains of your , for example, cheap flights scanne The two are the ones that I like the most and this time where and what dates you want to travel, you just have to put your destination, your dates and it will throw a different amount of balance, you can choose in the flight of chips that can filter by recommendation or the duration is, for example, that you go from being cheaper to the most expensive and the usual girls do not give up or, for example, you get what you do not have scales and you get the ones you do not have, it's the end of The pretty.

Advances to those who have or have more and if you want to travel but you do not know or are not convinced of where you want to go, apd skyscanner you can go to the option of looking for a reading source and in the destination write anywhere and send them the and will offer you the cheapest prices for the destinations that may be frequent and that are close to your destination once you click on the destination that you found interesting, it will show a calculation calendar with several prices according to the date.

And you can choose the date that best suits you, you have an airline account and it is associated with the others. You can discard the idea of ​​buying your ticket with points, for example, the global alliance that is skyteam or with which you are associated, even if you travel with different airlines but are a member of skyteam, all the points you earn in your trips are accumulated, For example, the last flight from Tijuana to Mexico City only 500 pesos in cash.

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