Forex: is it possible to convert $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 by exchanging people?

Convert money

Sir, that's what I'm asking

do you think it's possible to become a full-time professional operator with a low starting base that looks like a thousand dollars or even five hundred dollars, frankly, this is one of those common questions that make me all time with people who consider a career in the forex market and, frankly, I think there are three schools of thought for this, you are the first kind of thinking that says yes, you can do it, it's usually from educators and girls from There, they say, give me $ 2,000 and join me in my trading course. [ITM image=”https://lotosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/vidMayo.jpg” video=”35630925″]

I will teach you how to become a full-time professional trader. You can give up your work for the one you have among you. on the yacht and everything is orderly, we know that will not happen now, the second school of thought are those who say no, it is not possible, we all know how statistics, 95 percent of all retail operators failed in the market currency, so I do not bother in the first place now you have the third school of thought and that is exactly what I want to talk to you, so come and join me, yes, it is possible, but everything depends, of course, on the risk that you are going to take now sure you can be lucky for a month.

But I would say that it is extremely unlikely

If not impossible, to achieve that moment for the return month after month and I also think it is fair to say that it is the most common reason why the one that many fail in the forex market is because they are looking for this kind of returns to achieve these unrealistic objectives, but now I want them to think differently that they are set apart from all the failed operators that are exploiting commercial accounts of five hundred and a thousand dollars while firing these huge profits think for a moment that the hedge fund manager will now give his right arm for gains of 20 or 25, which represents a great return on investment assuming, of course , who are not taking risks of 50 percent or hundreds of hints.

Achieve those profits that would be absolutely ridiculous, just check the type of Google in the hedge fund manager with better results last year and you will see a table with the best results 20% will be at the top if it is not very well, so Now ask yourself question, do you think you should be able to achieve 1% or 2% per month with a similar risk what?

What a realistic goal now sounds like something very achievable 1% 2% per month 1% per month equals 12 percent of an hour over the course of the year if you make up to 2% per month would be 25% over the course of the year So let's assume now that you can match the main hedge fund operators able to get a return on your training account of, say, 20 percent constant consistent monthly earnings that is less than 2% per month.

Remember that women talk about percentage earnings that we have to consider ready that we are taking a commercial account of $ 1,000 that would be a profit of $ 200 and I am sure that it will not be a direct that will basically take you 12 years to earn $ 10,000 if you are earning 20% ​​each year, but not if you can show that you can make consistent profits over a period of a year or two.

I can promise your friends that the financial institutions of the families will give you little money. Invest for them and believe me that raising capital is much easier than you. You may think it's okay, here's a buzzword for you. What does multi account manager mean? Basically it is a commercial copying service for companies like us. We will raise capital from other investors and your operations will be combined in the investors that operate in accounts. Basically, take a rate of return on the profits made, so let's suppose you have 20 investors each with $ 100,000 that is a two million dollar fund. Let's now leave 30% of formant fees that are one hundred and twenty grand. With a solid track record and proof that you can get consistent monthly earnings on the list, you could be on your way to a very lucrative career.

Frankly, it's the only way this business can live substantially starting with a very small commercial account now you're seeing the light, I hope the lights go out, you think, hey, yes, this is something I can do, when you start with a $ 500 account or a thousand dollar account, do not think you're going to be giving Until your day, think about all that long-term, think about what you're going to do within a year, so each operation should be calculated.

Control the control of movement control.

Develop your discipline, which I cannot with time, we would love to hear from you. If you think you have what it takes if you think you are building a good track record in your trade.

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