3 Most Visited Countries In The World


Russian Federation

Occupying over one-eighth of the Earth's inhabitable land area, Russia is by-far the largest country on Earth. Its history has been complicated, first established by the East Slavs, conquered by the Mongols, and reunified by the Grand Duchy of Moscow. The third-largest empire in history, Russia has long-been a cultural and economic megalith, especially during the 20th century. The ninth most visited country in the world, Russia brought in almost 30 million tourists in 2014 and likely more this year since the Russian ruble has depreciated significantly.



Ranked by Forbes as Asia's most influential city, Singapore is a city-state group of islands which is one of Asia's most economically prosperous and important zones. Formerly owned by the East India Company then by the U.K., Singapore has strong ties with its former colonial power. Beyond this, it has made a tremendous name for itself, including as the “Easiest Place to Do Business” according to the World Bank and BERI's “City with the Best Investment Potential”. Most of Singapore's tourists come for business purposes.



Japan can claim plenty of “bests”, including the world's largest metropolitan area (Tokyo) with more than 35 million inhabitants. Boasting the highest life expectancy in the world, Japan is an economic powerhouse drawing in hoards of working people to do business with the technologically advanced island nation as well as leisure tourists to visits its breathtaking scenery including the famous cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji (and maybe eat a bit of sushi and drink some sake).

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